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A website solution for a same day and next day courier companies. The software streamlines the process of booking a courier, calculating the service cost, instant card payment, get tracking number for the parcel and tracking the delivery process of the package.

Why choose Melakit Courier
Integration with reliable brands you can count on!

  • Save time with our automatic instant quotes powered by Google Maps.
  • No more late payments! Instant card payment with PayPal or Stripe.
  • Easy Integration with Trustpilot, Google Workspace, AWS Amazon Simple Email Service, Xero, and others.


To better understand the advantages of Melakit Courier we have to break down the booking process. It starts with input information from the customer regarding the collection and delivery postcodes. For example the collection postcode is W1J 9BR and the delivery postcode is TS22 5PZ. The software calculates that the distance between the two postcodes is 254 mi and based on that it offers a variety of vans to choose from depending of the package size. The total price is calculated from a predefined price ranges for each van based on the pricing of courier company. The software also offers the customer and option to select if he wants help with loading/unloading of the package and if one of the post codes is inside the ULEZ zone. When the proper options are selected the total price of the postage is calculated accordingly.

Once the customer accepts the total price of the service he is forwarded to page that collects more details about the collection and the delivery.
When the customer completes the form he is redirected to payment processor namely PayPal or Stripe to pay for the service in advance. Upon successful payment the customer is returned to the website with "Thank you" message.

The customer receives an confirmation email as well as the owner or employee of the courier company. After the details of the postage are cleared between the courier and the customer the order is proceeded.

An employee of the courier company updates the status of the order and each time the customer receives a notification email with the current status.
When the package is delivered to the final destination the order is updated with status "Delivered" and the customer receives one more email with link to Trustpilot to give a review for the courier service.

Better together

Melakit Courier can be combined with Melakit SMS and the customer can receive and SMS each time the order is updated. The SMS service can work for the employees as well. For example the employee can get an instant SMS notification on a smart phone to proceed with the order as soon as possible.

Melakit Courier also can be combined with Melakit Mail, Google Workspace, AWS Amazon Simple Email Service or any other SMTP service to deliver the emails.
MC also can be connected to Xero or other accounting service for invoicing each order from the website.

How it works

  1. Step 1
    Booking Details
    Visitor fill out booking details on your website
  2. Step 2
    Instant Quote
    The software provide him with instant quote
  3. Step 3
    Card Payment
    The customer can pay directly trough payment processor like PayPal or Stripe
  4. Step 4
    You receive notification about the new order and you can procceed with shipping

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